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Enrolling students at all, the school are assigned to batch, each not exceeding 30 students. These batches are comprised of a diverse group of students with variety of cultural & educational backgrounds. The APEX INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL faculty members are themselves equipped with years of practical experience in their respective fields. Some of the elements and concepts used to make learning more effective are :

Mind Room Sessions
Also conducted with APEX innovations, support the future focus curriculum the mind room concentrates on developing the students’ personal and professional attributes to the fullest possible.

Classroom Sessions
Giving students a solid grounding in theoretical aspects of the curriculum. They consist mainly of lectures, quiz exercise, workshops, and leaner guides, textbooks that are provided as part of the course material to help students recapitulate and reinforce the knowledge acquired in classroom sessions.

Class Assessment
Assessments are made through the course and are combinations of course work, assignment, workshops, portfolios, examinations, group work and presentations. Our Education Experts also assess the performance of the student and this feedback is included in the overall assessment of the students.
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